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At what age children can start learning languages?

The earlier you introduce a second language, the easier it will be for your child to pick up its unique sounds.

Can children learn more than one language?

Yes! When they young children they can easily  learn any language. Kids this age are developing language skills rapidly, and they quickly absorb everything they hear.

How do you make them learn?

We make learning fun through various activities and games in the respective language. For example; story time, art, science, cooking, play time, singing and dancing.

When do children begin to speak the language?

They can learn to understand new words in two different languages at an incredibly fast rate.

how long have you been teaching language?

We are teaching for more than 15 years.

Don't children get confused when they hear two languages spoken around them?

The short answer is no. Children are incredibly sensitive to the different ways people speak. They learn  differences between languages very quickly.

Exposing your child to a second language will help him learn about other cultures. Research has shown that bilinguals tend to be more creative thinkers than those who speak one language, and one study suggests that their brain functions may stay sharper as they age.